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In 1999, EMASESA adopted a strong commitment with water education by creating the Water Training Centre. The water sector has been facing a number of challenges due to the adoption of new technologies and the adaptation to both the Spanish and European frameworks to promote water conservation, protection and reutilisation of water resources, pollution control and water scarcity. Addressing all these challenges require well-trained professionals.

Trying to respond to the identified needs the Water Training Centre, located in the former EMASESA Treatment Station for Water Filtering, develops and offers a number of training programmes. These training programmes were initially developed for the own staff of EMASESA but nowadays offered to any company or entity that requires it.

Award to Company trainning Award by the Chamber of Commerce

On  10 October, at the EUSA Meeting Centre, the EMASESA Water Training Centre was awarded with the Company Training Honour of the Business School of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville 2012/13, granted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Seville. More concretely, this award was granted to EMASESA for its training activities organised within the organisation. 


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