Business Services

Business Services

The Water Training Center tries to respond to the detected needs, developing and imparting training actions, which, although initially designed and developed for EMASESA's own staff, once taught internally and aware of the supply gap Specific training, are currently offered to any company or entity that requires them, after adaptation to the reality of each recipient.

Our experience also allows us to support other companies in the definition of their training strategies, as well as share the use of our exceptional facilities

Our tailor-made training programs are designed according to the requirements of each company, in the geographic location of the organization that requests it, designing the specific contents by common agreement.

The teaching team moves to your place of work, along with all the necessary means to impart the subject corresponding to the course.

This type of training responds to the wishes of many companies that have a group of workers for whom it would be advisable to receive some training or because this group should be adjusted to a very specific need to be as productive and effective as possible.

Rental of facilities

The facilities of the Water Training Center constitute a unique and specialized space where the specific training of our sector can be developed as well as related sectors, which need appropriate areas of practice in conditions of controlled risk.


Due to its size and accessibility, it is ideal for outdoor demonstrations of materials, techniques and work procedures and equipment of various kinds. Facilities include parking, lift access, disabled access and locker rooms.


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